He’ll save children, but not the British children

Sweet Jesus, why is Brad Neely so brilliant? I’ve been watching this video for a month, and it still hasn’t gotten old. I don’t know if it’s the mediocre non-animation or the ridiculous lyrics (“ate opponents’ brains and invented cocaine”), but it makes me giggle like a little girl. I salute you, Mr. Brad Neely.


17 responses to “He’ll save children, but not the British children

  1. We forever salute u good sir

  2. Haha, that’s brajilliant, MMD!

    he’ll save children, but not the british children *sing*

    Cheers to Brad!

    fuck the shit outta bears lol

  4. I dont get it….wheres the funny part?

  5. the partthat only non vegtables getto see lol

  6. Wish I could view the vid, alas I’m running Umbuntu and get no vid

    Peace whisky

  7. what the hell? this is the gayest video i have ever seen. to hell that it says ‘saved children but not british children” that is gay! and the 30 dicks and whatever, thats wrong and this brad neely or whatever the hell his name is is some pervert and has a perverted mind. this sucks!

  8. apparently he farts rainbows too.
    he’s coming.
    he’ll kick you apart…Ooh!

  9. That’s like cake with sprinkles.

  10. this is funny as hell. People who “don’t get it” are trying to hard to have a sophisticated sense of humor. Take it at face value. It’s funny. It’s absurd.

  11. “Killed his Sensei in a duel…and he never said why.”

    That is the best fucking line of all time.

  12. WTF was that? LOL. Man I wish I had 30 dicks, what a great orgy.

  13. it never gets old

  14. He’ll kick you apart. He’ll kick you apart. oooh

  15. jeez candy freak out a bit more, its the friggin internet and this is less creepy than most wikipedia articles. also you used the word pervert twice. get less stupid.

    PS Brad Neely is the epix!

  16. best fucking song ever

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