Blogging what?

I started this blog about a month ago because all the cool kids Chuck and Darren were doing it. Blame it on relentless, obnoxious peer pressure. I’m apparently the worst blogger ever because I haven’t touched it since. My logic was that I write enough useless crap that people don’t read for my job, so why spend my free time doing the same thing?

Then I remembered the fine Canadian gentlemen, John Rich and George Rare, for which this blog is named. They fought against all odds to produce a smooth, moderately-priced whiskey for us all to enjoy. Would they give up on this blogging thing without even giving it a fair shot? I think not. Would they want me to drink whiskey in the middle of the day to cope with the burden of everyday life? I think so. Cheers to you, John and George!


4 responses to “Blogging what?

  1. Would you say your writing favors more of the richness or the rarity?

  2. Screw you, Mr. WordPress! Who are you to tell Gillie what to do?

  3. I think “moderately-priced” is a pretty generous term for something that costs $6-8.

  4. I like the header, it reminds me of that Christopher Cross song “Sailing,” which reminds me of childhood, which reminds me of better times, which reminds me of Gentleman’s Rich and Rare, which reminds me of drinking a lot of whiskey in school, which reminds me of Gillie, which I guess is the whole point, right?

    “Sa-a-a-a-a-i-ling… Sa-a-a-a-a-a-i-ling…” I don’t really know any of the lyrics, but I still think my analogy fits.

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